Terms & Conditions

Helloguan Florist will never use the credit card information you supply for any purposes other than to process the order you place. By clicking the “Complete my Purchase” button in the checkout form, you give Helloguan Florist permission to charge your credit card the amount specified in your order form. If Helloguan Florist determines that any of the information you supplied in your order form is incorrect or fraudulent, the shipment of your order will be suspended until the issue is resolved. Helloguan Florist reserves the right to contact our customers at the telephone number they provide in the event that there is an issue with the order that needs to be addressed by the customer who placed it. Helloguan Florist will never use or give out the phone number you provide for any other reason. The e-mail addresses provided by our customers may be used in a similar way, but will never be given out, sold, added to any mailing lists, or misused in any way.

Helloguan Florist may not always be able to provide the exact flowers depicted in the description of our arrangements. While we generally have a full inventory, due to seasonal limitations and availability from our vendors there may be situations where we need to substitute. Our designers will match the substitute flowers as closely as possible to the originals in terms of color, height, and price range.